Adoptable Pets of the Week – Star, Rylee, Brett & Timmy

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Every other week, Chatham Magazine features an adoptable animal from Chatham Animal Rescue & Education.

Star, Rylee (pictured below), Brett and Timmy are looking for a home where they can go as a pair. This group of four get a long so well, each with their own individual personalities and can be easily matched with any of their litter mates. Star and Rylee are the females of the group while Brett and Timmy are the males. Rylee and Brett are lap cats who will keep you company during long workdays or evenings on the couch. Timmy is definitely not shy and will seek out your attention and find a spot to cuddle up next to you. Star, a bit more independent, is equally loving and will look for affection when she is in the mood. Any of them will surely be by your side at night cuddling with you in bed if you let them. Why adopt a pair? Well, this litter has certainly enjoyed their siblings’ company since birth. They were a group of very scared kittens when they were pulled from the shelter at just 11 weeks. They have grown together to be confident, playful and very affectionate. They instantly purr and love laying in the sun, sitting in their cat trees, cuddling or playing with one another and looking for affection from their human family. These kittens are now 8 to 9 months old and will surly provide you much entertainment. They are microchipped, neutered/spayed and vaccinated. 


The mission of Chatham Animal Rescue & Education is to promote the health and safety of all dogs and cats in Chatham County. CARE foster caregivers provide loving, stable homes to homeless cats and dogs, helping them become the best possible pets for their future forever families. CARE works with the Chatham County Animal Shelter (currently open to the public by appointment only) to save the lives of unwanted cats and dogs, manage feral cat colonies, and serve as an educational resource. CARE is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that has served the community since 1975 and relies on individual and corporate donors for support.

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