Chatham Central High History Teacher Shares Lessons of the Past

By Anna-Rhesa Versola | December 15, 2022

American history teacher Amy King says ‘we can never educate our children too much about our country’s past’

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‘Becoming a Local’: A Bynum Artist Shares Charms of the Historic Town

By Brooke Spach | September 23, 2022

Emma Skurnick began recording her experiences in Bynum 25 years ago. Today, her collection of illustrated essays is a time capsule of the community’s history.

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Alex standing with his mandolin

How a Young Bluegrass Musician Overcame Hearing Loss

By Chatham Magazine | August 18, 2022

Partially losing his hearing hasn’t stopped Alex Meredith from pursuing his passion for bluegrass

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Deja Belle

‘God Blessed Me With This Tone’: Deja Belle Finds Her Joy Through Neo-Soul Music

By Chatham Magazine | July 29, 2022

Deja Belle knew her voice didn’t fit the mold of pop music, so she forged her own path in neo-soul

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Moncure Fire women firefighters

Meet the 6 Incredible Female Firefighters of Moncure Fire

By Chatham Magazine | July 20, 2022

We interviewed six women from Moncure Fire about their experiences as firefighters in a male-dominated profession

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Gwen Høeg stands in front of a 2018 McLaren 720S.

‘Give Women an Opportunity’: Northwood High Senior Aims to Be a Formula One Driver

By Anna-Rhesa Versola | May 19, 2022

TikTok-inspired 18-year-old car enthusiast Gwen Høeg to start training for and racing in motor sports competitions

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Terrence Foushee

Northwood High Teacher Shares the Importance of Spoken Word on World Poetry Day

By Chatham Magazine | March 21, 2022

Terrence Foushee hopes to inspire the next generation of leaders by having them recognize and validate their feelings on paper

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Robert Tanner Freeman

Uncovering the Legacy of One of the Earliest Successful Black Settlers in Pittsboro

By Anna-Rhesa Versola | February 16, 2022

The great-great-great grandson of Lewis Freeman looks to his ancestor’s legacy as he studies race, poverty and health outcomes in America

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Larry and Avis Autry

Secrets to Long-Term Love, From Two Couples Who’ve Been Married For Decades

By Anna-Rhesa Versola | February 13, 2022

Be tolerant of different opinions, don’t be dependent on each other – and most importantly, support each other every step of the way

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Carolina Cravings

We’re Sweet on Downtown Pittsboro’s Carolina Cravings Co.

By Chatham Mag Intern | January 4, 2022

Step inside Carolina Cravings Co. and you’ll find Yeraldyn Martinez and Iliana Escalante preparing all sorts of baked goods.

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