Adoptable Pet of the Week – Mavis

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Every other week, Chatham Magazine features an adoptable animal from Chatham Animal Rescue & Education.

Mavis is an all-around fabulous dog! She’s a sweet girl with lots of enthusiasm and loves the outdoors. Some of her favorite hobbies include: racing around with her canine companions, chasing butterflies, jumping at falling leaves or retrieving tennis balls. She loves chasing balls, too. Outside playtime in a fenced yard is essential for her happiness. When she comes inside the house, she is calm. She snuggles with her foster caregiver or settles on her dog bed with a toy. Mavis truly enjoys her daily walks and loves riding in the car. She has no apprehension about meeting new people or new dogs on her walks or wherever she goes. She is a friendly, playful, loving girl!

The mission of Chatham Animal Rescue & Education is to promote the health and safety of all dogs and cats in Chatham County. CARE foster caregivers provide loving, stable homes to homeless cats and dogs, helping them become the best possible pets for their future forever families. CARE works with the Chatham County Animal Shelter (currently open to the public by appointment only) to save the lives of unwanted cats and dogs, manage feral cat colonies, and serve as an educational resource. CARE is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that has served the community since 1975 and relies on individual and corporate donors for support.

Click here to see a list of available CARE foster animals.

Click here to view available animals at Chatham County Animal Shelter and other courtesy postings.

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