Cast Your Vote in the Best of Chatham 2023

Our annual poll is back! You can cast your ballot now for your local favorites. Just quickly review the ground rules below before you click to vote:

One vote per person. The email address you submit is essentially your ID. We're only counting one ballot per email address. We want to keep ballot box stuffing to a minimum. When you're done voting for the day, just click out of the webpage to exit the survey.

All questions are optional. Though we'd love for you to vote in all the categories, you are welcome to pick and choose.

Write in your favorites if they're not nominated. We did the best we could to be comprehensive, but the write-in box is there for a reason – use it!

Be specific in write-in categories. Where applicable, please use the full name of a business and/or person.

Voting ends May 22!

We have divided the poll by category: Dining, Retail, Services, Home & Garden and Arts & Entertainment. This way, you can come back to finish the survey at your leisure instead of working through it in one sitting. (Note: You will need to use the same email address every time you visit the survey.)

A reminder that the results will be announced in our September/October issue, complete with features about a few of our winners. Be sure to check it out.

Without further ado, click the category that you'd like to start your survey with, and happy voting!

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