April/May 2020

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April/May 2020

The Women’s Issue

38 | Lysandra Weber
of geekchicfashion

40 | Lucy Kurz
of Carolina Air Care

42 | Melissa Fogarty
of Central Carolina Community College

44 | Jaycee Sansom, Bella Ocampo,
Molly Hux & Stephanie Helbert
of Chatham School of Science and Engineering

46 | Jill Ehrenfeld
of Bold Real Estate

47 | Edna Villasenor
Chatham Family Violence Prevention Services

Gloria Maldonado
Siler City Police Department

48 | Cheryl Chamblee
of Chatham Arts Council

50 | Amy Blank Wilson
of UNC School of Social Work

51 | Mary Wallace
former Pittsboro mayor

Robyn Allgood
entrepreneur & founder of Jamie’s Vision


30 | A New Look at Downtown

A trip to downtown Pittsboro can last a day and then some,
even if you live only blocks away

Home & Garden

54 | River Retreat

This couple built a home with a dream view that overlooks the Haw River

64 | ‘A Diamond in the Rough’

Dennis and Cee Koehler transformed a cabin in the woods
into a gathering spot for three generations of family

80 | Stop and Smell the Flowers

A sneak peek at a Governors Club home featured
on this year’s Chapel Hill garden tour

84 | How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring planting advice from Pittsboro landscaper Paige Moody

90 | ‘The Ghosts of New Hope’

A local writer explores his family history and the creation of Jordan Lake

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Departments & Columns

6 | Letter from the Editor

18 | 5 Events Not to Miss

22 | Noted

94 | Cooking with Sheri

A quick and easy dinner from local
chef and author Sheri Castle

96 | Dining Guide

99 | On The Table

Moon Asian Bistro

102 | Engagement

Ashtyn Beeler & Chase Golden

103 | Weddings

Matthew Henderson & Coltrane Milholen
Lauren Boening & Logan Poe

People & Places

10 | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast

12 | CORA’s Empty Bowls

13 | Real Housewives of Chatham County’s Super Bowl feast for first responders 

14 | ‘We Fight Like Family’ fundraiser at Jordan-Matthews High School

16 | McIntyre’s Books’ Crime Scene Mystery Bookfest

17 | Snow day

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