Adoptable Pet of the Week – Leo the Lhasa Apso

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Leo the Lhasa Apso

Every other week, Chatham Magazine features an adoptable animal from Chatham Animal Rescue & Education

Leo is a 20-pound Lhasa apso who will steal your heart – and your shoes. He came from a rural shelter as a stray and had so much matted fur he could not see. Matted fur can be a painful condition for dogs.  He suffered from a bare rear end and inflamed skin. Happily, he has recovered and revealed his true spitfire personality.

He loves to cuddle on a welcoming lap and freely gives kisses. Leo will do best with an experienced owner who understands the small breed personality and especially Lhasa’s, and he will require a home where all children are 12 and older due to his smaller size. Leo will excel in a home where his family are not gone long hours, where he has structure and an exercise outlet. He is not for a first-time or inexperienced dog owner. Leo can be slow to warm up to strange dogs, but enjoys playtime once he gets to know them and will require patient, slow, proper and calm introduction.

Due to past trauma and neglect, a regular 6-8 week grooming is mandatory for the length of his life.  An experienced but compassionate and patient groomer will be ideal for him and all his future grooming needs. Leo had eye surgery and may periodically require over-the-counter lubricating eye drops/gel.  

His forever home should have a physical fence (not invisible fencing) because he loves running through the yard. Are you the perfect match for this pint-sized dog? To learn more about Leo and his adoption fee, visit the CARE website.

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