STEM-Based Cooking Class

Cooking is S.T.E.M.

Join us for a multimedia presentation as we learn about Chef Fannie Farmer, a pioneer in food science. Chef Farmer was responsible for helping us understand the effects of level measurements and how heat and cold change our food. We will learn the science of making our own butter and test out level measurements for ourselves!

Best for children ages 3+

Meet the Chef and Author

Empowering kids in the kitchen since 2010, Chef Arlena‘s main goal is a more knowledgeable future for us all. Her curriculum, taught through Children’s Culinary Institute (Pittsboro chapter), incorporates math, science, history, self-reliance, reading and so much more. She believes kitchen learning touches every aspect of life.

Arlena Strode is the founder and owner of the Children’s Culinary Institute.


Oct 07 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Chatham Community Library
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